Breast Enlargement Liverpool

Breast Enlargement Liverpool

Breast Enlargement Liverpool

Women who are self-conscious about the size of their breasts may be suitable candidates for a breast enlargement procedure at our breast enlargement Liverpool clinic. Surgery may become a viable option after extreme weight loss, breast feeding, pregnancy or ageing. These events can cause the breasts to decrease in size and become less firm. Fortunately, these problems can be rectified through breast enlargement surgery, which can restore self-confidence.

What’s involved in breast enlargement surgery?

A breast enlargement procedure will start with an initial consultation at our Liverpool clinic to determine whether you are suitable candidate for surgery. Whatever your reason for wanting to progress with breast enlargement, our team will provide the very best guidance and support to help you make the right decision and achieve your desired results.

The actual psurgical rocedure typically takes about an hour, but times can vary. It involves a surgeon making incisions in the skin along the lower border of the breast, before inserting a breast implant underneath the breast tissue. The positioning of the incisions and implants can vary slightly depending on the tissue characteristics and the desired results.

After the procedure, patients usually have to wait for approximately a week for their stitches to be removed, but at our Liverpool breast enlargement clinic dissolvable stitches are applied and these stitches dissolve by themselves in approximately six weeks.

What are breast implants made of?

Breast implants are primary made up of silicone. Each implant has a Shell which is made up of silicone polymer and a filler material consisting of cohesive silicone gel.. Today, surgeons have a wide range of modern breast implants available to them, most of which are extremely versatile for a variety of applications. Typically a breast implant can last for approximately 10 years or more.

Am I a suitable candidate for breast enlargement surgery?

The decision to proceed with breast implant surgery entirely depends on the individual’s feelings and medical history. Here at Breast Enlargement Liverpool, we provide all prospective patients with a bespoke consultation, to discuss your exact personal needs. Good physical health and realistic expectations are traits of suitable candidates for a breast enlargement procedure.

Are there any side effects to breast enlargement surgery?

After your procedure, patients can expect a short period of downtime, but your surgeon will be able to provide guidance on how long you need to rest. Intense physical activity, such as heavy lifting should be avoiding for approximately two months. Your surgeon will be able to advise on the exact period of time that’s required to make a full and complete recovery.

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