Breast Enlargement FAQ’s

Will I be in pain following surgery?
You will be given adequate pain killers and should not experience bad pain. Mild discomfort is to be expected particularly when you stretch your arms and work the muscles around the implant but this will soon settle. If it continues more than a couple of weeks you should consult your specialist.

Will I be given antibiotics?
Yes you will be given antibiotics at the commencement of the operation and may be continued for few days after the procedures. It is very important that you inform your specialist if you have any particular allergies to antibiotics.

Will I have dressing on my wound?
Yes the surgical wounds will be covered with occlusive dressings and this should be kept clean and dry until the consultant or the nurse checks the wound in the clinic which is usually between 7 to 10 days’ time. You should report if there is any spotting on the dressing or discharge from the wound.

Do I need to wear a bra following surgery?
Yes you will be recommended a special support bra to allow the implant to settle in the right place, and you are encouraged to wear them for 6weeks after the procedure.

Do I need to take time off work?
This depends on the nature of you work. If the work you do is not physically demanding, generally a week to 10 days should be sufficient to recover. However if your work requires strenuous effort then it is best to take at least 4 weeks off from work.

Can I drive following my surgery?
Yes, your specialist will check the wound at your first post –op visit to the clinic and will confirm that it should be ok for you drive. Generally it is advisable until the wound has healed which should take about 2weeks.

Can I exercise following surgery?
It is best to avoid strenuous exercise until the first few weeks after the procedure, however you can do gentle walking while you are recovering.

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