Breast Asymmetry

Developmental and Acquired Breast Asymmetry

Most women have a subtle difference in the size, shape and nipples’ position in their breasts, which is normal. However, when the difference in size and shape is more than a cup size between the two breasts, it becomes noticeable through the dress and can be embarrassing.

How can this be corrected?

You can achieve beautiful bosoms through Cosmetic Breast procedure in Liverpool. It is possible to improve the asymmetry but difficult to achieve a complete match. Various options are available and these include,

  • Augmentation of the smaller breast to match the bigger opposite breast
  • Reduction of the bigger boob
  • Or a combination of these

The most appropriate technique depends on the patients’ expectations and careful assessments of the breasts by the surgeon. Find a plastic surgeon that will discuss all the aspects of cosmetic breast procedure and clear all your doubts. Plastic surgeons at Liverpool Breast clinic will make you feel comfortable and will give you the best advice possible. At the time of the consultation benefits and limitations of various options will be highlighted.


Before and After Breast Asymmetry



Developmental asymmetry Reduction of right breast and lift of left breast

Liverpool breast asymmetry

breast asymmetry Liverpool

Post weight loss assymtery Corrected with augmentation using different size implants

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