Male Breast Reduction

What is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is also known as “Manboobs”, it is enlargement of breasts in men, and it affects nearly 40 to 60% of men in their lifetime.

There are several causes for this condition and will need a careful clinical assessment.

Common causes include affect of certain medications, excess use of alcohol and body building drugs. In most cases the cause is unknown.

The condition commonly affects both breasts but sometimes even one side can be affected. If the enlargement of the breasts is significant it can affect your body image and your self-esteem.

Before and After Male Breast Reduction

Liverpool male breast reduction
Before –
Gynaecomastia in a 20 year old male

male breast reduction Liverpool
After –
Peri-areola skin reduction gynaecomastia excision



Treatments for male breast reduction

There are several different surgical procedures that can be used for male Breast Reduction. The surgeon will discuss which technique would be most suitable for you. Some of the techniques commonly used are:


Liposuction is an ideal plastic surgery for patients whose gynaecomastic is predominantly fatty tissue (pseudogynaecomastia). Using small cannulae through tiny incisions, fat is removed using liposuction technique.

Subcutenoues mastectomy:

This is suitable for patients with dense fibrous gynaecomastia and the breast tissue is removed through a small peri-areola (incision around the colored part of the breast skin around the nipple).

Peri-areola skin reduction gynaecomastia excision:

This procedure is ideal for patients who have very large and droopy breasts. The excess skin and the fibrofatty breast tissues are removed and the nipple repositioned at the correct position on the breasts.

This breast surgery is done under a general anesthetic and patients stay at hospital overnight. Absorbable sutures are used and will dissolve within few weeks. Complications are uncommon and these are, bleeding, infection, and loss of nipple sensation.

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