Liverpool Breast Clinic 10 Years Anniversary.

In 2020, Liverpool Breast Clinic celebrates completion of 10 years of bespoke service to the communities of Liverpool, Wirral, Merseyside and beyond. It has been a rewarding decade providing a comprehensive specialist Breast Reconstructive and cosmetic surgical care.

In addition to providing a tailor-made surgical treatments, Liverpool Breast Clinic has been in the forefront of bringing the latest innovative, technological developments in Breast Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery.

Innovations in breast surgery

Liverpool Breast Clinic has been the first in the Mersey region to offer the Novel 3D and 5D Crisalix Breast assessment for patients considering breast enlargement surgery This has been a real game changer as patients can see the predictive post op appearance with different size implants. This has been very well received with excellent feedback from patients.

LBC has been an early adaptor of the micro-texture and smooth breast implants for cosmetic breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. With serious concerns emerging in the last 5 years around the Biocell coarse-textured implants and its association to Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma ( BIA-ALCL), Liverpool Breast Clinic ceased using these full textures implants voluntarily well before the guidelines issued by MRHA and FDA, and the eventual recall of these implants from the market.

View SEBBIN implants here

LBC has considerable experience with these micro textures and smooth implants with excellent results with extremely high patient satisfaction as can be seen in these reviews:

LBC has been leading the way in offering the novel Composite Fat graft-Implant Breast enhancement which is a a real alternative to sub-muscular Breast augmentation, where implants placed under the pectoral muscle behind the breast. This technique is ideal for women who are have a very active and sporty lifestyle, and don’t wish to have the pectoral muscle cut and at the same time minimise the risk of implant animation, rippling and knuckling and come with the added benefit of Liposuction of thighs and abdomen.

Auto-prosthesis mastopexy has been another game changer in breast rejuvenation surgery where part of the patients own breast tissue is designed into an implant and the breast uplifted giving it a youthful and Pertier look. At the same time, this surgery avoids all the associated limitations and complications of implant based surgery. Here is a feedback from patient who has had this procedure. See video here.

Cosmetic Nipple Surgery

Inverted nipples are a common problem affecting 1 in 10 women (as well as affecting men). Inverted nipples can result in patient being unable to breast feed in severe forms of inversion, as well as associated body-consciousness and reduced confidence. At LBC, nipple and areola cosmetic procedures are carried under local anaesthesia as day case procedures.

Gender Reassignment – Chest surgery

LBC offers a comprehensive surgical care for transgender patients who seek Gender Reassignment Chest Surgery. A range of subcutaneous mastectomy and nipple-areola reduction surgical procedures are offered for Female to Male trans patients. Breast enhancement with implants, with or without fat grafting, and nipple-areola enhancement is available for Male to Female trans patients.

Rapid Assessment Breast Clinic

Breast symptoms such as lumps, nipple discharge etc. can be very worrisome to patients; with access to a Rapid Diagnosis Breast Clinic, they can be seen as soon as possible to get it checked out. Working with Spire Murrayfield Hospital, Liverpool Breast Clinic offers a Rapid assessment clinic for patients. In addition to mammograms and ultrasound scans, the clinic provides a state-of-the-art triple assessment service with the latest tomograms, stereotactic biopsy and MRI. The Rapid Breast Clinic is well supported with a breast care nurse and clinical psychologist, and has a robust Multidisciplinary team meetings.

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For more information on any of the procedures discussed, or to book a consultation with at Liverpool Breast Clinic, contact our friendly team. We look forward to serving the North West for the next 10 years and beyond.

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