Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Nearly half of patients get diagnosed with breast cancer through symptomatic clinics. For up to two thirds of patients whose cancers are discovered through the breast screening programme, it would be suitable to just have the cancer lump removed and the breast conserved. For this you can trust Liverpool plastic cosmetic surgeon who has a vast experience in breast cosmetic surgery. Traditionally this is used to be done through an incision over the lump. This could also be in the cleavage area of the breast.

Oncoplastic Wide local procedures

Oncoplastic technique incorporates breast plastic surgery principles to remove the breast cancer in order to give the patient best possible outcome from cancer treatment possible with the help of most sought after Northwest’s cosmetic surgeon.

Incisions are placed considerably away from visible area of the breast and the breast tissue will be remolded to avoid unpleasant indentations.

Following surgery patients will go on to complete the rest of the standard cancer treatments. These may include treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy and your specialist will discuss treatment protocol that would be most beneficial to you.

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