Rapid Diagnosis Breast Clinic

Rapid Diagnosis Clinic service for patients who have breast symptoms

Breast symptoms such as lump or thickening in breasts, nipple discharge or pain may cause alarm and be worrisome to women (and to men) and they may wish to have this checked out at the earliest possible opportunity.

Mr Chandrashekar, Consultant Breast surgeon is able to assess patients and investigate these symptoms at the specialist comprehensive breast assessment clinic at Spire Murrayfield Hospital on the Wirral.

A full range of diagnostic services including digital mammogram, ultrasound scans, Breast MRI, stereo-tactic core biopsy and the very latest Digital Breast Tomosynthesis are available. Patients will also have access to a senior Breast care Nurse and a Clinical psychologist.

The cost for breast assessment is affordable with Package A costing £395, which will include the consultation fees and imaging (Mammogram +/- Ultrasound scan) and Package B – £795 which includes Package A with addition of biopsy charges.

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What should I expect when I attend for a Rapid assessment breast clinic ?

Mr ChandrashekerYou will be seen by Mr Chandrashekar along with his Clinic nurse. He will take a detailed history regarding your presenting breast symptoms including your family history to make a full risk assessment. He will then examine both your breasts including the armpits and neck for any enlarged glands.He will mark out any lumps or thickening that he spots during the course of the examination to draw the attention of the radiologist to target these areas for further assessment with mammogram and ultrasound scans

What is a mammogram and will I be offered one ?

mammogramDigital mammogram is a sophisticated high resolution soft tissue X-ray of the breasts which detected lumps, distortions of the breast tissue and micro calcifications.Patients will need to be 40 years and above to have a mammogram as the breast tissue tends to very dense in the younger women making mammogram less sensitive. Mammograms are carried out in two views to enhance their sensitivity and both breasts are frayed even if you symptoms on one breast only. This is to make sure there is no incidental changes in the other breasts and also to compare it to the opposite side. Occasionally further magnified image to Digital Breast Tomosynthesis may be carried out to delineate any abnormality that the standard mammogram may have identified. Following mammogram you may be advised to have an ultrasound scan.

What is Breast Ultrasonogram ?

Breast sonogramUltrasound scan imaging of the breast uses sound waves to produce pictures of the internal structure of the breasts. All patients who have palpable lump/thickening will have an ultrasound scan assessment of the target area and where appropriate an aspiration of fluid if it is a cyst or a biopsy may be carried out if the lesion is a solid lump.

Will I get the results of the tests immediately?

Mr Chandrashekar will see you again following the mammogram and ultrasound scan and will explain the findings and give a provisional diagnosis. If a biopsy has been carried out , you will have attend a result clinic to discuss the results of the biopsy and a treatment plan if that is required.

How much will the assessment cost ?

There are two packages depending what the patient needs based on clinical and imaging assessment.

Package A – £395 – Consultation fees, mammogram +/- Ultrasound scan

Package B – £795 – This includes package and biopsy charges ( if biopsy is required)

Clinic availability

Wednesday (Alternate) 08.30 to 12.30pm
Thursday 5.30pm to 8.30pm

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