• Dr chandrashekar is amazing! He is the best in the business! I had my surgery around 3-4 weeks ago I am so happy with my results I feel amazing so much more confident! He is such a gentleman so caring and kind. My whole experience from start to finish was exceptional. From my first consultation to my surgery I was treated with the best care. I had minimal pain after surgery due to the level of treatment provided dr Chandra took every precaution to ensure my results where the best and I was fit and well after surgery. Thankyou spire Liverpool and Dr Chandra.

    Mia Robertd Avatar
    Mia Robertd

    I've been living with Gynecomastia for about 10+ years and finally decided to get something done about it. I went to see Mr Chandrashekar who explained how the condition could be treated by Liposuction and after a quick examination he arranged for a series of tests to be carried out prior to Surgery. I had a Mammogram, Ultrasound and blood tests done which gave me confidence that he was thorough in his approach to his work. I had my procedure carried out at the Spire Liverpool, the Nursing Staff were excellent and made my stay there very comfortable.

    It's been 3 weeks since Surgery and hardly a sign of any bruising, the results far exceed my expectations as my Chest is...
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    Dave M Avatar
    Dave M
  • I am absolutely delighted with the service I received from Mr.Chandrashekar throughout my procedure. I chose him for my breast augmentation based upon his experience, and the other amazing results his clients had received. Before I had my surgery he met with me on several occasions to make sure I was completely happy, and to find the perfect implant for me. Three weeks post op I am made up with the results of the surgery, and have received excellent aftercare. Overall it has been such a great experience and I can't thank Mr.Chandrashekar and team enough! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering surgery.

    Emma Stowell-Smith Avatar
    Emma Stowell-Smith

    I am so pleased I chose Dr Chandrashekar for my breast augmentation surgery. After considering the surgery for many years, I found I instantly trusted Dr Chandrashekar, as he was so approachable and knowledgeable. I am really happy with the results of the surgery, and the consultation and recovery/follow up have been excellent too. The care before and after the surgery at the hospital was great.

    Naomi Diamond Avatar
    Naomi Diamond
  • I am 2 weeks post op, following a mastopexy and augmentation, performed by Mr Chandrashekar at Spire Murrayfield Hospital. When researching my surgeon this gentleman really stood out. His reviews were both very professional and complementary.

    During my first consultation he took the time to explain every option in thorough detail and was happy to go over my options a number of times. He advised what he thought would be an achievable outcome and I was very confident with his knowledge. He put me to ease very quickly and I was comfortable with him. It was also a great comfort to have the breast nurse Jane in the room, she was welcoming, informative and generally very kind.

    On the day of...
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    Hayley Niccolls Avatar
    Hayley Niccolls

    5 star service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    I could not recommend Mr Chandrashekar more! I am 3 weeks post op and the entire experience from start to finish has been exceptional. Mr Chandrashekar is always happy to address any concerns and queries quickly and efficiently and, along with being thoroughly professional, he is extremely approachable, kind and understanding. One of the best decisions I have ever made and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my surgery! I was back on my feet after a day or so and experienced minimal pain during my recovery. I am very grateful to Mr Chandrashekar and the whole team. Thank you so much!

    Hannah Katie Avatar
    Hannah Katie
  • I am four weeks post breast reduction surgery. I found Mr Chandrashekar to be the perfect mix of professionalism and approachability.

    I thought long and hard about undergoing this surgery and did a lot of research regarding the surgeon I wished to use. Mr Chandrashekar was recommended to me and I was not disappointed.

    From my first consultation Mr Chandrashekar explained the procedure clearly to me and was always happy to answer any questions that I had, putting me at ease.

    I underwent the procedure at Spire Murrayfield and felt well looked after during my stay, all the staff were friendly and professional. Mr Chandrashekar has continued to provide excellent care for me post procedure and I have not felt...
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    Fiona Bilsland Avatar
    Fiona Bilsland

    It's been four weeks since my surgery. Dr Chandra has looked after me from start to finish. He's been a true gentleman and been there when I've needed him.

    Michelle from concierge met me at the hospital doors the day of surgery, took me to my room she even stayed with me making sure I was ok. Michelle is a beautiful lady a great asset to Dr. Chandra's team

    Dr chandra has a Fantastic team, the anesthetists where outstanding made me feel very relaxed and calm they even came to see me after the operation!

    I'm so grateful for everything Dr. Chandra has done for me. Definitely recommend to others.

    Thank you for everything you've done for me xx

    Choosing a surgeon isn't...
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    Danielle Edwards Avatar
    Danielle Edwards
  • From my first consultation right through to my post op Mr Chandrashaker has been amazing. I was very worried about the procedure but as I have wanted a breast enlargement since I was 15 I decided to research and find the best doctor. Mr Chandrashaker is an absolute gentleman he listened to all my concerns and answered all my queries whenever I needed to ask anything. The whole process was smooth and I was looked after from the moment I went for my first consultation. I am extremelly happy with my results my breasts look natural for my body and the scars are minimal I am over the moon. I had very little pain and absolutly no problems post op.... read more

    Sarah Owens Avatar
    Sarah Owens

    I had breast augmentation on 7th March at Murrayfield hospital. From the first consultation I Immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Mr Chandrashekar. Having been told by another surgeon I would need multiple surgeries to get the result I desired, Mr Chandrashekar talked me through the procedure and explained that in just one operation I could get the result I was looking for. The result I got was better than I could of ever imagined I am over the moon and it is all thanks to Mr Chandrashekar’s knowledge, experience and skills. Also The use of crisalix technology really helped me to decide on implants and give an idea of the look I wanted. A huge Thank you to... read more

    Sian Deane Avatar
    Sian Deane
  • I can't praise Mr Chandrashakar enough! From start to finish he has remained polite, friendly and professional. I can understand why he was recommended to me! He listened to all my questions, replied to all my emails and fully understood what i wanted. I couldn't have found a nicer surgeon. I am so so happy with my results and I wish I had done it years ago. From my first consultation through to surgery and aftercare this has been such a pleasant journey. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the staff who I have met and looked after me and Mr Chandrashakar.

    Rachael Brannan Avatar
    Rachael Brannan

    Amazing result, I am so pleased with the outcome . If this is something you are considering, go for it you won’t regret it ! Mr Chandrashekar has done a fantastic job , it has been a great experience from start to finish and couldn’t recommend him more highly. The 3D images are also a great tool in helping you decide on what size , the final result is better than I imagined. Best decision I ever made.

    Kate Allen Avatar
    Kate Allen
  • After researching a few local hospitals and various consultations, I instantly felt at ease with Mr Chandrashekar. He always had a lovely manner and I am absolutely delighted with the results, happier than I ever imagined thanks to such an amazing surgeon. Couldn’t recommend Mr Chandra more highly for anyone interested in breast augmentation - the support and advice he has given me throughout has been excellent. Massive thank you to Mr Chandrashekar and all the staff I met at Spire hospital during my stay!

    Samantha Hill Avatar
    Samantha Hill

    Iam absolutely in love with the results dr Chandahshaker has given me.

    The man is a GENIUS!!!!

    I could not be any happier with The results.

    I was a AA cup before and now im ranging between a D and aDD cup.

    He explained everything from start to finish and gave me great aftercare advice.

    I couldn't recommend him anymore than I have.

    I also had 3D scan done which is awesome and gives you reassurance before you decide on your size ect.

    And my scars are barely visible too.

    Pls pm me if you want to know anymore information or see pictures

    100% would recommend his work to anyone

    Farrah O Brien Avatar
    Farrah O Brien
  • I was recommended Dr Chandrashekar by my sister. From the first consultation the service I received was amazing and throughout the process. I am so happy with my breast implants and I've had no complications! Thankyou for everything!

    Abbey Gallagher Avatar
    Abbey Gallagher

    If you are considering breast surgery and seeking a surgeon - then look no further than Mr Chandrashekar. I recently had breast reduction surgery with Mr C and I am absolutely delighted with the results. He is a consummate professional and truly understands the female form. He is kind, approachable and will take excellent care of you. I can't thank you enough Mr Chandrashekar. BW.

    Lesley Vincent Avatar
    Lesley Vincent
  • Mr Chandrasekhar, is an expert in his field! filled me with instant trust/confidence from the moment i met him. His knowledge & experience was second to none! I would highly recommend- a genuinely lovely person who put my mind at ease, took excellent care of me & has given me amazing results! Thank you 🙂

    Ashley Driscoll Avatar
    Ashley Driscoll

    Ad breast implants in year 2000 at this hosp and decided it was time for a change of implant.knowing it was goin to be a very difficult procedure I chose Dr Chandrasekhar.i was in threatre for over 3 hours which went very well.i was also given a tour be4 my operation as to were I wud be waking up.the after care was superb from the nursing .the only complaint I had was that I was in no pain and was just tender.excellent results for me.

    Thank you Dr Chandrasekhar x

    Maria Griffiths Avatar
    Maria Griffiths
  • Mr Chandrshekar is the best... All staff at hosiptal are lovely very caring if anyone is looking into getting your breast done 100% Mr chandrashekar makes you look so natural and the only person who users a software were you can see what you will look like... Thank you so much

    Kimberley Williams Avatar
    Kimberley Williams

    Dr Chandra, is amazing and the staff and nurses here are so so lovely helpful and caring. A real first class experience. Thank you Dr Chandra

    Pamela Smith Avatar
    Pamela Smith

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